The Crime of Refusing Vaccination

The Experiment


Hello this is robin. High is the swedish lutheran church in cambridge. We haven't been that in a very long time. But i'm the pastor. Faith lutheran church. How can i help you. Okay thank you. I'm working on a story about pastor heading jacobson. I'm sure this is about vaccination awhile ago producer gabrielle. Burbank cold called a in cambridge massachusetts in search of the origin story of an argument. We're all having right now. We're in the midst of the most ambitious vaccine roll out the world has ever seen. There is finally hope that all of this will end but this hope depends almost entirely on. How many people will be willing to get the vaccine. There's still real fear around what this vaccine will do to us and his battle between hope and fear. It's not the first time we've seen it in this country. It started in this church one hundred years ago. Thank you for talking to me. This is like such a random call discount. Wear the current pastor picked up the phone. Are you in the church. No this is organised practicing. I just put on my mask number very talented.

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