Fighting for Expanded Brady Background Checks


Everybody to another episode of red blue and brady now brought to you on fridays as always. I'm your host dj. And i'm a co host kelly. We may have released a unfortunately we are still working from home. I for one am greeting you from increasingly cluttered corner my apartment. I refuse to show on camera. Kelly where are you exactly. It looks fancy. it looks nice I'm recording from the illustrious. Dining room cable recording studios. It's very exclusive. I was going to say. I haven't gotten an invite so. Yeah you know. It's pretty elite recording studio. We buy got a couple of grammy's nobody'll dr fauci is the only one who's allowed to approve gas to tant basically. Yeah while i am very excited to talk. Today's gas Unfortunately also not in person who wants upon a time. I actually got to do a four hour in person interview it if you can imagine a time where such a thing was actually physically possible. If i try really hard. I think i can but it is pretty unmasked more right now right. It feels like a completely different life but luckily at least digitally we get to talk with colin goddard christian heine chris brown and stephanie abrams. All of whom are these great gun. Violence prevention advocates and in particular colin christian and stephan have something in common but i think our listeners may not expect. And you're not gonna tell us. I am absolutely not gonna tell you they have to listen. How dare i jerk. Yes we're going to their butt together. Just some hands were discussing the passage of hr eight and fourteen forty six in the us house of representatives. And we're gonna tackle questions like what are these bills. What do they do. And what is even the point of a background check anyway. Yeah and i know. Some of our listeners are with from day one and so they may be like. Oh i totally know about all these bills and background checks which is awesome. But i think with this episode even if you know all the background checks needs bills it's still going to be really eliminating compensation so definitely station. Hi everyone on. Chris brown on the president's of brady. Hey everyone my name. is stephanie. Abrams i am the executive council member of team enough as well as a a worker debris offices the team fellow when i'm also the national chapter coordinator years well so i wear a lot hats team enough but i love the voice of the youth and i think it's very important especially right now under current political climate ear. I'm christian heine vice-president policy your brady and then call in our loan on brady person on this podcast but you. You were once brady. He's brady at heart. You can say. I know once your winter you're never out island is calling goddard. I'm a survivor. Two thousand seven shootings. Virginia tech former team brady member and a gun of prevention advocate. Thank you so much for all. You've done any work. Amazing job now to and water access right so it's cool really cool job. I feel like in a lot of ways. Similar to engaging a constituency in america that feels like. They've been ignored that their voices aren't being heard. And you know working alongside them to fight to make change. So it's in a of ways very similar to the work at brady and take a lot of the learnings and experiences in carrying it forward and look at the whole workout station in there. Is that a peleton. You gotta pelivan peleton brutal used a mirror now mayor much come see me. I got the. Let's get peleton. Let's go man. You're you're peddling these things. Let's all right. We gotta we can look at each other track record and motivating each other awesome about your pilots on obsession christian concerns me a little bit. You're peleton pusher and it's concerning ballots today so. Let's talking about biking talking about bills. Chris just to start us off. Can you even break down at a very basic level would brady background. Check is sure so the radi background check system was put into effect about twenty seven years ago and a few days and change and when it was i adopted it was in response to actually the nineteen sixty eight gun control act which required background checks to be conducted so this is something that already was part of the federal law that there is no mechanism to ensure that there was real recordkeeping or even technology to make sure that could happen in the brady law. Put into effect this apparatus or sought to to ensure that every federally licensed firearms dealer or f. f. l. was required by law to conduct a background check and use technology that was adopted by the government to conduct that check and not just requires a look at a database that includes records criminal history at cetera about prohibited

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