Yankees, Mets Get Permission to Open Stadiums to 20 Percent Capacity in New York


Good news for baseball fans. Both the Mets and Yanks will be playing their home games in front of fans this year. Do you see? Necessarily? Kessler tells us all about it. Governor Cuomo says he'll allow 20% capacity at large outdoor stadiums starting April 1st. I mean Citi Field, 8300 and 84 fans. Yankee Stadium 10,850 fans. Al Leiter played for both the Mets and the Yankees and is thrilled when you play in front of a big crowd, and they're cheering you or bone you rock singer. Man, There's nothing like it. Fans will need to show proof of the negative covert tests or vaccination before attending games. I'm Sara Lee Kessler for 77. W. ABC

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