NCAA Tournament East Preview


Welcome to coincide with greenberg dockage in the south bracket where the number one seed is. Bela number two seaters iowa states. Let's get right into it. John gallagher wild and i like john gallagher. Head coach at hartford neighborhood. Man the neighborhood who here west hartford the neighborhood as the ultimate philly guy. John gallagher is the ultimate dilly guy. I've already got the text from. I've spoken is tipped off banquet a year ago. The dude is certifiably insane in a good way. What he no one is going to enjoy the ncaa tournament more than it. So as soon as they won they immediately went to indianapolis and starts to quarantine and have experienced john. Enjoy it. we're gonna say nice things about you. You're a good guy. And ballard dance so nokes no trepidation about baylor's performance against oklahoma state. Oklahoma states really good people are losing their mind. What at at baylor games. They're playing in the big twelve. They're not planning west coast conference. You're playing in the big twelve. You're planning against other teams that have good players. You're gonna lose games all right. The next game is interesting. Opening round games wisconsin. Why i think he's just not right against north carolina who depending on the day is not right. I mean real simple carolina. You can take care of the ball. Are you gonna make your shot if you take care of the ball and at least get shots up. Then you have an advantage. Except that as we know wisconsin wisconsin's analytics over. Like if you just look at their analytics you would think they'd win every game. They don't give up second shots that will turn it over. They get pretty good shots but they don't play winning basketball. I know that sounds weird. But there's something not right. I think carolina find a way to win that game except the carolina. Jecklin hide reminds of this game. Would you like i like carolina. And this and i look whatever's happened to nate rivers whether it's kobe whether it's whatever it just hasn't been good. I expected more out of him. They don't run their stop nearly as well as they didn't pass they rely too much on one. And frankly they're not a one on one team. And you know what would those big garrison brooks bay. Come and all and bacon's and everybody else you can get into wisconsin. Guards make them drivers into traffic. I think this is a pretty good match up for north carolina. I just think they're better. And i think they're going to win the basketball game and i think they're going to win it fairly big. So if you wanna bet on a game this probably going to have tyke spread. That's gonna move it out a little bit. I think this is the game i think. North carolina wins by double digits. All right to winter is the sexy upset. eco nova plant without conquests. Be justin moore play the other day but wasn't good. They started the set a little bit. You know this is. This is a winter key. May play really fast. I've got a low post lower burns at play him about fifty minutes game. he's really productive. Obviously they got a very good camera. Badran the big six seven kind of point guard because they run the show through a tuck this about. They're extremely aggressive. Pat kelsey really likeable dude. Winter months play fast was gonna try to get into half court who you like. Well i i agree with everything you said. I think winter got a hell of a team. But if this was any other organization other than j j rights organization i would say the winthrop's gonna win the basketball game but you still have robinson hurl. You still have samuels. And if healthy justin moore. You've got three guys. You've got the best three guys on the court. And that always bodes. Well now the point guard situation okay. It is what it is. We all know that point guards at villanova stuff are important. It is the sexy. Pick the five twelve upset all that kind of stuff. But i'm not betting against jay wright and his organisation they just seem to overcome things that need to be overcome when they need to be overcome. I great i agree all right. So now this is an interesting north texas by gurus helmi north texas guards. The crap you absolutely flat can guard you an elite defensive team. They put great pressure notable they then eyeball reversal on play. Two man game with javon Handle it let the point guard and that they are really really good solid defensive team. They turn people over there really aggressive. But you've seen teams like that. Purdue doesn't beat themselves. You pretty has probably i i do. I think this is going to be right down to the wire south because what. I've talked to people today actually. Starting last night couple guys. I was surprised. North texas beat western kentucky. Not because i knew anything about no taxes. But because i saw western kentucky for three games and and they're really good athletic on the wing. Strong tough. I think what you said about the all of the defense bits. Dramatically bad against purdue get up into. They're not the quickest. Get shot team jay nineties really the only one that can i think this is going to be. I'm going to bet against purdue because i think produce offensive analytics put them in the top ten. But nobody's really pressured purdue nobody's really got into them and under wings. Don't take this game for granted. North texas is going to cover whatever the point spread is pretty wins. It the end. Are you got another big time. Texas tech utah state and utah state. Pounds that thing in pain name is cadence a big physical that play a four round. One run actually pretty good motion and so pretty good actions to me. The kid just being an interesting precedent. Don't shoot it as well as they happen to pass but they really defend the top five rebounding They're a very good offensive antiques. Keta against texas tech doesn't have a legitimate big tonight. 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