Chicago revisting events including Taste of Chicago, Air & Water Show

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Governor indicated that he is at least considering open to some of these changes because you really is under a whole lot of pressure to lift some of those restrictions and by the way not just from republicans including democrats like state senator center. If i can hold saying hey wait a second. The seats losing conventions we need to have a concrete plan and some more metrics. We had the metrics for closing down. Now we need metrics for opening back up. And i think there's a report out there right. Now that says that conventions could possibly return mccormick place including the auto show which has sort of been on hold for a while normally takes place in the february. Heather what do you think about other events like the air and water show lollapalooza taste of chicago. I think can happen well. It's not clear yet because when the city approved it's twenty twenty one budget. They didn't appropriate any money for those festivals. The taste of chicago in the water show alone cost the city about nine million dollars so if those events are to take place. The mayor has to eighty. Decide that it's safe enough to allow people to gather and be. She's gotta find that money to make those events happen and it might seem like somers a long way away but it's really not because these events take of course planning and logistics. Especially if you're going to you know make sure there are Toilets and the handwashing stations and all the other things that need to be in place to prevent coded from spreading so. It's not clear yet. Although we did hear the mayor say she was optimistic that this summer would look more like twenty nineteen twenty

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