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Jean maman. My i've got some stories i could tell about. You might come organically during our talk today. We'll see they're all good stories. Obviously they're all fun stories. But i wanna start because i love your story. I never get tired of hearing about it. But how you you. At one point. Fifty km debt. We're supposed to be honest. It's not super abnormal. I mean we have this. Massive college data. We get into credit card debt. We do stupid things all over the place but you went for fifty k. In debt running this wildly successful agency in downtown san diego. I've been to your office multiple times. I mean baller talked to us about how you made that transition on his the virus. Summarize it for everybody is number one just on the the mindset of asking for help period like no no one figured that out by themselves and so many times people think that's the case but tactically speaking because i'm tactics guy audience listening. They want the juice. It's got really good at its spending a dollar and tony into three period. I mean at the end of the day. Mike quote unquote secret weapon. It's just advertising. And you know who i got up from the most profitable companies in the world when you look at the balance sheet of All the fortune one thousand companies. The apple is the facebook the insurance companies the walmarts etc. What people don't realize that you see is not just the billions of dollars in sales. They spend billions of dollars in advertising. But when you go to small businesses the first thing you say is how customers. What did he say referrals. Every time. and it's just like the the most successful companies in the world legally have to tell you exactly how they're doing but we don't do it for a long time. it was. Low stuff was expensive right. Tv radio billboards. It just didn't make sense for a small business. But i mean honestly facebook youtube. It cost one to ten cents. You know to show somebody in advertisement one to ten cents e- you can show for five to fifteen bucks a thousand people your message. That was my big secret. So if i had something to so i would just literally make video ad with myself on an ask people to buy it and that's it i would just make more than spend so if i if i sold something. That was a thousand bucks. I'd probably spend two hundred bucks in advertising. And i just repeat the process over and over again so wildly. Simple like what we do. It's crazy but the difference is is. I was able to overcome the fear of losing money on ads. That's what stops people. they go. Well what if. I spend one hundred bucks on fire and it doesn't get a return then you try again. It doesn't make it not the path anymore. It just means you miss you get back up and you try it again until you find something that works and you keep repeating it now. You've had a lot of things that have worked over the years. You've had some things that happens but when you talk about that arbitrage of turning one dollar to three dollars you've obviously had a lot of those and there's a lot of examples you could give but you know. I just want one of your favorites like you know. This is almost too easy now. Of course all good things come to an end all arbitrage get tighter and close up over time of course but what was just one year like. This is almost too good to be true. I'm going to max out as long as i can. I mean there's been a fun one for everybody listened to because they probably won't think it's possible as take billboards for example. So i purchased billboards and a lot of people go why billboard like people don't spend money off of that and this is where people really have to get obsessed with it's about being created so quick story in san diego california. I bought four billboards. That cost me thirty. Six thousand bucks. And i ran a ma and that was for three and a half weeks. Just let that sink in thirty six grand for three weeks from frigging billboards that people drive by and so then people go like. How do you make money from him. Well what i did is. I made a call to action on it to go to a website and it was an automatic webinar. The same way that i would do facebook or instagram or youtube anyway and i was just like i wonder if anybody will obtain i wonder if anybody watch and they did and it made like ten thousand dollars back because what i was selling a thousand bucks so immediately people say okay. You lost money billy. Lost twenty. six thousand bucks maintains man. That's stupid. well. What i did is people for some reason. Give a lot of authority in position to billboards because they know they're expensive. And the companies that are doing. Billboards are the biggest companies in the world. Automatically think your official. I mean i still think of pete knows that guy will always be the real estate guy in san diego one hundred and so take that right. So what i did is i said okay. Well we're going to take. We rented a helicopter and we flew around. We went to helicopters and we flew around me and my cmo at the time and a helicopter. And my buddy paul filming from the other helicopter and we flew over all the billboards and we flew over all the billboards and we turn that into a facebook ad and then from that advertisement we brought in probably like a million bucks like throughout throughout using it over arbitrage being the. Yeah so it's just like how can you use. It wasn't just three weeks like you're able to use that footage forever the pictures of you in front of the billboard forever even today literally putting it up ironically today using that same clip of the helicopter and so people you got to start looking at your content as an asset the same way you do real estate people go. It's a real estate investment. And i can make money off of that again and again again. Same with your video. What's the difference. I'll tell you what the difference is videos. Cheaper video was easier to make. And you don't need to go through escrow so everybody if you're not using videos as is cash asset you're

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