What Do My Cravings Mean?


So there can be numerous reasons. For cravings there can be many layers to cravings for people a lot of people think about cravings that is being a result of a particular psychological or emotional reason. You know maybe it was tied back to their childhood or or got into some kind of habit but today when we're in studio we want to focus on the physical or that biochemical reason for creating certain things in general. I think here at nutritional weight and wellness when we think about cravings we see cravings as a sign that there is something out of balance in the body. Something that's not quite right and one example of an imbalance could be could be deficient in a certain nutrient and that may be the cause of cravings. So we know when clients say they have trouble sleeping or they have muscle cramps or they have charlie horses we know these are signs of magnesium deficiency which then also typically coincides with cravings for chocolate. It's almost magical when i'm working with someone and they start taking maybe four hundred to six hundred milligrams of that magnesium grayson their muscle cramps. Go away and they no longer crave chocolate or it's the craving has gone. It's just more of. Hey i like chocolate rather than i need chocolates. I have to have it. And i think the important part to to kinda back up little bit as to explain magnesium licensed. Why do we say that form. I don't you just say magnesium because glysophate Mcneil glycemic is key late to that amino acid so it helps it absorb better so sometimes when you go to stores you can get a different form and it's not as absorbable. It doesn't work as well. So i've had people tell me. Oh yeah i've tried. This and my muscle cramps actually came back so we really liked that magnesium blades so there's no doubt that magnesium is can be a nutrient deficient deficiency and can be directly related to those cravings yup absolutely. I think that's a great point. Nikki is that there is a major difference. Just in that glycemic form with magnesium and when most of the time where people are buying supplements they want that supplement to be able to work well for them which is why we're just huge. Proponents of that magnesium clayson aid. So here's another craving. That actually came as a surprise to me. If you crave salt it is a good chance. First of all that you may be dehydrated so you were working in your garden all day in the hot sun and you're so focused on trying to get those plants in the ground or you're so focused on trying to get the mulch down or whatever those those little gardening chores are and you didn't hydrate properly and then suddenly you start to create that salt.

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