A highlight from May 2, 2021: Faith Matters? Pt 3


Me. God may the words of my mouth and the meditations of each of our hearts gathered here be pleasing to you are rock in our redeemer. Faith matters this series. We have been building upon a premise. That our faith does matter. It speaks to each of us are it speaks to the way we act out into the world and our faith is shaped by scripture. It is shaped by our own personal experiences of god it's shaped by great thinkers and theologians who have gone before us in who are still here with us now. Our faith is shaped by a lot of different things. We began our first week of this series talking about our common humanity that we are all created in the likeness of god. During that first sunday. Reverend reagan introduced us to a theologian by the name of ireneusz. And the idea that when we describe jesus as lord of all we should really mean all last week we talked about the subject of sin in how we all have this collective and personal sin how we all mess up and we can actually be united in that feeling and we can move forward together in our faith our theologian last week was a quaker preacher by the name of lacrosse motte and she believes that sinn happens any time. We withhold god's voice in each of our lives. This morning we will address the common solution to that common problem of sin in the book of acts we see the very first followers of christ really working hard to define their own faith and to find space for their faith in their believes in their cribs context they are still grappling with the death of christ. They're grappling with the implications that christ. Resurrection has on the people. The people they're becoming and as they begin to pave the way for other believers of christ for those very first christians. The book of acts is a brilliant recollection because we catch a glimpse of the very beginning of the church. We see the beginning of theological discourse and the many ways the disciples worked to put their faith two words. We have been jumping around the beginning of acts the past few weeks and we started actually with acts chapter ten last week. We were in acts chapter. Three and jumping around. Doesn't stop today prince. We're actually going to go back even further. We're going to start in acts to this morning. The second chapter of acts. And this is where the story we celebrate and recognize on pentecost. Sunday comes from but we are not going to get into pentecost quite yet. Because that's still a few weeks away however we are going to pick up peter speech on pentecost sunday. We're going to focus on the second half of that speech so actually it's the end of where typically are pentecost stay reading begins. We get another peter speech. It's a continuation of the speech. Peter is giving to all of the jewish people who have gathered together for the special day. Each person gathered in the space on pentecost has been able to hear the disciples in their own native language. Peter continues speaking to the people in says this from acts to. We're gonna start with just versus two through twenty four fellow israelites. Listen to these words. Jesus the nazarene was a man whose credentials god proved to you through miracles wonders and signs which god performed through him among hugh. You yourself know this. In accordance with god's established plan for knowledge he was betrayed. You with the help of wicked men had jews killed by nailing him to a cross. God raised him up. God's freed him from desa dreadful grip since it was impossible for death to hang onto him. Peter explains to the people gathered who jesus is and what became jesus after his crucifixion. We're going to sit just with this very i. This beginning of our reading this morning the disciples are now realizing that not only. Did jesus fulfill the prophecies in the old testament by coming to earth as god but that jesus also fulfill these prophecies by being resurrected that resurrection bid is a pretty big deal. The cross was known as a symbol of death of destruction. It was a simple that brought people on the cross before jesus was a symbol of the end crucifixion throughout rome to punish criminals. Interbreeding about what the romans saw as justice and it spread to all the areas that were under the rule often. The people who were crucified slaves. Pirates disgrace soldiers. Foreigners and later on christians were added to that list rarely were other

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