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On may fourteenth. Netflix will release the woman in the window. A suspenseful psychological thriller featuring two time golden globe. Winner amy adams. An all star cast. That includes gary oldman. Anthony mckee julian more jennifer. Jason leigh white russell. Brian tyree henry and fred hashing her based on the riveting bestselling novel. That stephen king described as un put-down -able the woman in the window tells the tens and twist filled story of anna fox and a gora phobic child psychologist who keeps tabs on the outside world from the windows of her new york city brownstone after taking an interest in watching the family that moved in across the street anna inadvertently witnesses a brutal crime or did she as she begins to question her own lucidity. Anna's life quickly unraveled and spirals out of control. Shocking secrets are suddenly revealed. Nothing is what it seems and no one can be trusted. The woman in the window is edge of your seat. Heart pounding excitement directed by joe right from a screenplay by tracy letts but woman in the window will release globally on net flex. Friday may fourteenth if you love this show audio chuck has another podcast that you have to check out. In nineteen eighty nine a pastor and his family were brutally massacred on their church. Property in tiny lakeville indiana. Thirteen years later the pastor's only surviving son was arrested for the crime. But thirty two years later the whole story has never been told until now encounter clock season three investigative journalist. Delia diaspora reexamined. The facts of this infamous case. Follow her entire investigation as she hunts for. Answers follows new leads and uncover details. That could completely change what everyone thought they knew about this infamous case all along. And we're doing something that we've never done before. All twenty episodes of counter clock season three are out right now so you can binge the entire season on spotify or wherever. You're listening right now. High crime junkies. I'm your host ashley flowers and i'm brett and many of you probably know that may is mental health month here in the us and in many other countries. If you have been around britain i long enough. You'll know how important this issue is to both of us. Oh totally i mean. I know i've talked before about my own personal experience with mental illness. And as you've been really open to about how you take care of your mental health counseling and a lot of other light. Yeah i am a huge fan of therapy. Now we've been telling you it's true crime stories on this show for over three years now and during that time we have seen time and time again how mental health can so often be contributing factor in the stories that we tell an often. I mean it's hard not to wonder if victim were diagnosed sooner if they had access to the right resources could any of the cases we discuss have been prevented and a lot of people. Don't like talking about mental illness but to me it's hard to imagine not talking about it when it impacts so many people. According to mental health. America nearly one in five american adults will have a diagnosed mental health condition in any given year. And i say any given year because if you actually look at a bigger chunk of time those numbers or even higher almost half of us forty. Six percent will meet the criteria for a diagnosis of mental health condition. At some point in our lives. Wow if you haven't had this experience personally you almost certainly know someone else. Who has someone like the person. I want to talk to you about today.

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