Is It Time To Stop Counting Calories? Dr Vanita Rahman Weighs In


The idea of not counting. Calories is a little bit confusing since some plant foods like avocados and nuts. They still have quite a bit of calories. So when should we still be keeping track of calories and can we forget all about it. Yeah so you know. It's a little bit confusing. I know for people Because you hear so. Many different types of dietary advice and what works dozen. When do you cards when you count calories. Let's really simplify this. You know. I tell people if you're looking to lose weight or keep it off or improve your health. Think of this large basket of food on your kitchen table and you're going to select food from there. So when does that basket is the key. A lots of fresh fruits vegetables whole grains like keen wa and oats and millet and brown rice and wheat products and then legalzoom's lentils now if we select from those We don't necessarily have to sit there and count calories and the reason being all of these foods are really high in fiber. There are naturally low in fat so their caloric densities low and that fiber just fills us up. So you know. If you've had an apple you know you can only eat one. Maybe two apples before you're really full. And that's because of the fiber in it so you don't to sit there and count honey apples you're eating Where the confusion does come in. Is some of these higher facts. Foods that are plant based like kat does or nuts and seeds are all as now. If you're looking to lose weight or lower your blood sugar you may want to minimize the use of those foods. So you know depending on where you are in your journey reducing that can be extremely helpful but for the other things that i talked about the nutrition profile so good caloric density solo that we really don't have to worry about counting calories.

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