Armed Intruder Who Tried to Drive Into CIA Headquarters Shot After Standoff


Into CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia, on Monday was shot by FBI agents following an hours long standoff. NBC reporting that to law enforcement officials said the intruder tried to drive into the facility without access at about six p.m. eastern and was stopped by armed guards who operate a serious of gates. Security officers had been negotiating with the man after he repeatedly refused to move decision then was made to try toe push the car out of the way short time later. He then got out of his car and brandished a gun before being shot by agents. Official said. The person claimed to have explosives, but law enforcement didn't say whether he actually did now, according to officials of the man's mentally disturbed and as it tried repeatedly in the past. Get into the CIA campus. His identity has not been released. Few details released Aziz Well, We really got to information yesterday from a tweet from the bureau. Or Reverend Al

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