A highlight from Episode 111: Immigrant Stories, with Ishrat and Habibe Husain, from the Rahima Foundation


Our show today in in our guest on the show today but also Kind of an added bonus. In this month of ramadan we also get the blessing of being able to highlight a very important Muslim charity Here in the bay area And so please tell us who we have on the show and uh welcome. Our guests are very welcome. Our guest to the show. Yeah absolutely so. Rahima foundation is an amazing organization. Here based here in the in the bay area They make sure that those those in need are given resources internally like for example food is is essentially like a food pantry And and they've been doing great work in the community here in the bay area for I for several years So i guess are there founders. We thought we'd highlight a little by what they're doing but also dive into the background of of the founders of the organization so our guests are have you seen And issue at the same people saying we will. We refer to as ought to be. But i came to the us in one thousand sixty two high school foreign exchange student from turkey. She completed high school and went on to earn a degree in pharmacy from temple in philadelphia. And that's where she met. Her husband is the same in nineteen seventy three. They moved to the bay area since then she has created or founded rhema and the organization has impacted half a million lives through food and financial assistance in those years specialize in serving into indigenous people. Refugees emigrants And weicker struggling to meet their basic human needs And inspired by her faith. Her relentless service is a testament to her compassionate dedication. ankle issue. It should saying he was born in l. eager in india bitty group in karachi in boxton and to and migrated to the us nineteen sixty. Six years the bachelor's degree from the university of karachi in a master's degree in physics from the mercy of pennsylvania and also has a master's degree in electrical engineering from faraway dickinson university and he worked in the tech industry for several years but retired from ibm in two thousand twenty thirteen and joined the foundation as executive director in president at that time. So we are super Super excited and super honor to have Auntie Habiba an uncle shut here today. Thank summer And yeah. I'm delighted to have auntie and uncle on this show And you know are one of the intentions. Among i think a couple About wanting to have a boat Issue goal and bubon t- on the on the call on the on the on the show today is to continue our sort of Tradition of doing immigrants stories on and then get into the kind of work. That rain methylation is doing Both locally as well as nationally so we can definitely gonna talk about that. But i guess it kinda starts things off as we often like to do you know i. I think it'd be great to just ask. And i'll defer to the galore have wants to go first but we'd love to get sort of a background about you know Where you come from and then we can get into some maybe some of your early Sort of experiences in childhood memories that you have in dab how those experiences shaped you know who you would become as adult so again. I i defer to either view to sort of take that question and

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