A highlight from The Davos of Bipartisanship (with Karl Rove)


You know murphy. I'm surprised as we think through all the public debates that are happening right now. That so much of it is based on the fact that we're arguing about what are facts and it doesn't seem like we have a common set of facts anymore to base all these debates on. No you're absolutely right. It's the biggest problem we have. I'd like to share and recommend a new documentary. Podcast series called fate of fact written and narrated by pulitzer prize winning historian and bestselling author. Jon meacham america's always been a country of competing visions nations shaped by the push and pull vigorous debate. But now that fragile consensus to find. Truth feels fundamentally broken gives. The i couldn't agree more. You and i disagree about a lot in politics. But i think you're patriot. I think you're my opponent not my enemy because we can have a fair debate about different issues. Where at least we agree on the facts by which we measure the problem and measure success. So our friend. Jon meacham a very thoughtful guy. Many of you might have read. Some of his excellent books is addressing. This in this new podcast series. So join jon meacham. In fate of fact is he explains how and why. Fear and power have conquered truth wide. Respect for data in fact has become a casualty of war in the united states. Fate of fact a new audio documentary from shining city. Audio jon meacham and see thirteen. Original studio is now available on apple. Podcasts spotify odyssey. And wherever you get your podcasts check it out. I know we're going to.

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