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Dr. Death


British scandals changed the course of history. They bring down governments overthrow the rich and caused the mighty to fall summer about sex and murder others about politics money and high crimes in the end. They're all about power. The team that brought you. American scandal is heading across the pond to bring you. British scandal hosted by alice. Levine and matt forte. Our premier season takes you into the sinister world of russian politics and a scandal that shook all of britain in the year. Two thousand former kgb spy alexander. Litvinenko arrives in the uk ready to build a coalition against russia's newly installed president vladimir putin when litvinenko is found dead by poisoning it throws britain and all of europe into political controversy as scotland yard racist to contain the deadly chemical weapon. Their investigation leads them. Straight to the kremlin but when the murderer is a rich and powerful foreign state. How far will british government go to seek justice. You're about to hear a preview of british scandal. While you're listening. Subscribe to british scandal on apple podcasts amazon music or listen early and add free by joining one. Plus in the wondering app. I came out. Do i have a story few. Unless i'm all ears go. Everything conspiracy. corruption murder foss are quite law things. Yeah i know. It's quite after one of the reasons i also love. The story is in london in the mid two thousand. This was my era. We're talking nokia phones. My space my homes by black. Ip's boot cut jeans to wear them. You shouldn't with your cough. You should be showing. Those of who i didn't know was the own the very same streets. The most unbelievable russian spy story was unfolding to hear this. We'll buckle up. You're in for a ride s go. It's two thirty in the morning on an autumn night in two thousand and six inside a townhouse in london's mas well hill marina. Lithuanian co workers with start. She's forty four years old with clear blue eyes and neatly cut blonde hair. Usually she has an air of calm about her but not tonight she can hear her husband. Sasha throwing up again our feel a deep sense of threat. It's for boating. An marina sits up. She can't remember him ever being ill. He's forty three years old and at peak fitness. He doesn't drink doesn't smoke but right now he can't keep anything down. His blonde hair is plastered to his face with sweat. He's doubled over in pain. Marina jumps out of bed and makes a little magnesium water a russian remedy but he brings it straight back up. She looked at her watch. She called dr because jakovic hours ago. Where is he she. And sasha eight together. The day he got sick. She cooked him his favorite dinner to celebrate six years since they escaped russia. Those six years have gone so quickly. She still remembers the day. That plane landed at heathrow. She watched her husband woke up to a policeman in the airport. He could hardly speak english so they practiced over and over the phrase he needed. I am kgb officer. I am asking political asylum. Only when they left the airport did she let herself relax since then she's worked hard to learn english and fit in with british life. The settled now. She likes london. She feels safe here. When dr brickhousechad off arrives marina leads him straight to sasha. He walks into the bedroom and stops dead in his tracks. He starring at sasha's gray wasted face and sunken eyes. It's only a week since he last saw him but he's almost unrecognizable. That's only one thing that can make a russian dissident deteriorate this

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