The Tweed Creeper: David Russell Williams


One night in two thousand seven forty four year old david russell williams snuck out of his home and ontario canada leaving his sleeping wife in bed while she laid undisturbed he snuck down. There dimly lit street and headed toward the neighbor's house. These were close friends of russell and his wife or at least as close as they had those days they'd had dinner with them several times and even gone to the lake to fish together. But this wasn't a casual drop by between friends. Brussel had something else in mind entirely. He stopped outside the house and confirmed what he already knew that the family was gone for the weekend smiling. He entered their home through an unlocked door. It wasn't the first time he had done such a thing. This was his third time breaking into this home and this time he knew exactly what he wanted. He made his way up to their daughter's bedroom where he searched her drawers until he pulled out a pair of underwear strip down and put them on before laying down on the bed and pleasure himself as he did so he took pictures eager to document the entire experience and then when he was done russell quietly left. The bedroom crept downstairs and returned home then hours later he got up and went to work as the commanding officer of canada's largest air force base.

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