This Routine Will Make You Feel Like You Have Your Life Together


Number. One in terms of these functional practical and useful life practices is to fill up the water that you need to drink the next day the night before. I know you could probably have a running list of twenty things to do the night before and you're going to have to decide in your life what gets down but this is one that really really helps me out because drinking enough water is something that will go right out the window. If i'm stressed. Or if i'm busy or if i'm really zoned in on a project so what i like to do is fill up multiple water bottles the night before or sometimes the morning of and i'll be honest in that some of the best investments that i've made for myself and my self care have been Buying some nicer higher quality water bottles. Right that i want to take with me that i want to drink out of now. I know that not everyone can do that. And be boosy by a fancy water bottle but if it's something that if you're like buying reusable plastic bottle all the time or some of those like cheap ones and you have the money to buy a nicer one. I really recommend it. Because i have this glass water bottle linked to the what i use. I have this glatt. can you hear it. I have this glass water bottle and it has this kind of like rubber texture material. That goes around it and it's actually. It's a bouquet are or beaker water bottle and then it's got this really cool plastic lid on top of it and And it's you can use like handle anyway. I bought this. I think it's two thirty two or thirty six ounces. And i since buying this. I drink more water every day than i've ever dreamed before i mean if you buy a water bottle you like. You're going to drink more water rate. But i fill this up the night before. And then i have a couple other ones if you follow me on instagram at my full productivity blog you might know that i recently in the past year during the pandemic a got kind of obsessed with starbucks tumblers and mugs and water bottles. So i've been growing a small collection. My husband thinks i'm nuts. It's like are you using them. Initially bedlam point. But i have a couple of different water bottles that i really love and i fill them up the night before and when that water is already on my desk when it's already in different rooms throughout the house Because my mind. I get very distracted. It means that. I'm always drinking water no matter where i am by the end of the day more often than not and up drinking all the water that i

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