DDR5 Finally Arrives


Standard was settled on years ago and some smaller manufacturers have released early products here and there but everyone was waiting for this to make official. Samsung has announced five hundred and twelve gigabyte. Ddr five memory chips still in the verification stage that deliver over twice the performance of ddr four at up to seven thousand two hundred mbps for advanced workloads. We are now officially in the ddr. Five era quoting hardware as we inch closer to intel's alder lake and md's zen architectures late this year and or early next year. Barring any delays memory makers started announcing advances in ddr five memory which will deliver a big increase in bandwidth. We've even seen some ddr. Five module launches samsung however has managed to separate itself from the pack on announcing. What it says is the industry's first. Five hundred twelve gigabyte memory module based on high k metal gate or hk mg process technology according to samsung. It's five twelve gigabyte. Ddr five memory module delivers more than twice the performance of ddr. Four add up to seven thousand two hundred megabits per second this. The company says will be beneficial for the most extreme compute hungry and high bandwidth workloads the five twelve gb capacity comes by way of stacking eight layers of sixteen gigabit d-ram chips. There's no mention of costs though. Samsung says it is currently sampling. it's five twelve. Gb modules to customers for testing and verification and

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