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I love this podcast. Support this show through the acoss supportively. Joe it's up to you how much you give. And there's no regular commitment. Just hit the link in the short description to support now. Fifteen seconds guided journal. Chan ignition sequence Nuts three to ask what it feels. Good hello again. Thank you for joining us on the space nuts. Podcast episode two hundred forty five. I'm your host. Andrew dunkley and with me again as always is professor fred watson astronomer at large. Hello fred andrew. How you doing good to see you especially now. It stopped raining mime. Wellstone guess at last. We've had a better week's worth of it. And we got triple our monthly average for this part of the world but we didn't get the flooding that has been happening in many other parts of new south wales and queensland and it's been spring pretty hectic and people are still trying to deal with thousands of evacuated. And we've seen houses flooding down rivers and qasr bang washed off causeways. Why people insist on driving through floodwaters. I do not understand better off being light than light if you know what i mean and saying on air on the radio this morning that the last twelve have been extraordinary. It's like the apocalypse we've had severe drought fires then covert nine tain then we had ryan then we had floods. We've got a mass play. A rat plague. We've got a slug blake found. That we've got locust is just so much going on. I can't wait to see the movie. it's just a. It's crazy times crazy crazy times and i fail for all those people are going through. The flood situation is nothing more die than that but it just adds another insult to. What's been a pretty horrendous twelve months. I think it's almost exactly a year since we went into lockdown in australia and so many other countries is still in lockdown. What horrifies may is is so many people still trapped overseas because they can't get home and it's nearly a year. I mean this is just unbelievable. Unbelievable abbott you. You're not in a flood area of sydney i you. You've kind of and more hilly part of the city. We live on ridge. Two hundred meters above sea level. So if we get flooded sydney's gone very very much so anyway we we just keep our fingers crossed all is well now the flood waters will just do what they do rather slowly but we will start to say things. Get back to normal soon. I hope that is what we that was what we pray for in date so afraid. We've got an interesting show today because it is entirely created by the space nuts audience. Everything we do today is based on audience feedback and questions. We've got a little bit of feedback to deal with and we'll do that. We've also got a whole bunch of questions so we might as well. Just get straight into it. Fred f. first question is yeah. It's a text question from peter in south australia. My question is about dark matter and dark energy and the spate of lot. We often hear about how all universities and how far away things are. The two are often measured and modeled in computer situations. I'm curious to know how you factor in dark matter. We hear it comes in clumps. And i'm curious to know what you put into a computer model to allow for dark matter undock energy. Do we know what effect dark matter has on the speed of light. or how. Light reacts with doc mata-. It boggles my mind. Astronomers and physicists get space travel and distances so right without really knowing what doc matter doc energy is or does the effect of this dark matter

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