The Biggest Fat Loss Mistake

Mind Pump


Do you guys think is the biggest mistake that almost everybody makes. When they decide they are going to start their fat loss. Joe jeez hard. It's i mean there's there's there's a handful that come to mind but what do you think of the biggest mistakes they. There's two general ways you can approach fat loss through exercise one. Which is what most people do which is wrong. is the burn calories. While i exercise approach the other approach which less people take which is the right approach. Is the train in a way that it makes my body adapt so that burns more calories on its own approach so one of them looks like lots of cardio lots of circuit training. Lots of that kind of stuff in calorie restriction in that yeah and the other one looks like lifting weights and getting stronger. That's that's the biggest mistake. I see because when you approach things from burn calories perspective. You will lose. There's no one. No one succeeds at that

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