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And her store manager yelled that there was an active shooter montoya and a fellow pharmacist than ran into a counseling room and took cover under a desk. The two of them called nine one one and hid therefore about an hour swat officers carrying ballistic shields slowly approached the store while others escorted frightened people away from the building. Customers and employees fled the building through a back loading dock to safety others fled to nearby shops montoya and her co worker. Had no idea how close the shooter had been until they heard police announced that they had the building surrounded and heard the suspect respond next to the pharmacy. Montoya said that they found his weapons there and that she heard the shooter say i surrender. I'm naked witnesses described shooter as having a black. Ar fifteen style gun and wearing blue jeans and body armor. By the time he was taken into custody elissa had been struck by a bullet that passed through his leg. He had removed most of his clothing and was dressed only in shorts inside the store. Police found the gun a tactical vest. A semi automatic handgun and his bloodied clothing among his ten victims was fifty one year old officer. Eric tally who had been with the force. Since twenty ten he was the first to arrive on the scene. The other victims were twenty year old denny. Strong twenty-three-year-old nevin stan. Sick twenty. Five year old. Ricky old forty nine year old trae. Lana bartkowiak fifty nine year old. Suzanne found him fifty one year old. Terry laker sixty one year old. Kevin mahoney sixty two year old lynn. Murray and sixty five year old jodi waters. Laker olds and stone were employees at the supermarket. The attack was the nation's deadliest mass shooting since the twenty nineteen attack on a walmart in el paso texas where a gunman killed twenty two people in a rampage. That police said targeted mexicans. Monday's attack follows the march sixteenth shooting last week in atlanta that left eight people dead at three massage businesses. The attacks follow a lull in mass killings during the coronavirus pandemic in twenty twenty which saw the smallest number of such attacks in eight years. A man charged with beating to death. A new jersey resident whom he says sexually abused him as a child now claims that he's killed a total of sixteen people including his ex wife and three others found dead near a new mexico. Airport alec gutierrez an assistant prosecutor in gloucester county. New jersey said at a detention hearing friday. That the suspect forty seven year. Old sean lennon said that he killed the four whose remains were found in a vehicle and eleven other individuals in new mexico. Gutierrez said lennon had confessed to luring several victims to a home in new mexico and dismembering some of them authorities said in court documents. That lennon made the admission in a phone call to a relative who then told investigators that he expressed remorse. Police lieutenant david chavez inlands hometown of grants new mexico said authorities have no indication that lands claims about the eleven. Other killings are true and that they aren't aware of any missing person or homicide reports that would fit his narrative. The case began on march fifth. When the bodies of lennon's ex wife and three other people were found in vehicle in a parking garage at albuquerque. International son port new mexico's largest airport. The victims were identified as thirty nine year. Old jennifer landon. Twenty one year old. Matthew miller forty rolled justin mata and sixty year. Old randall apostol. It is not clear how they were killed chris. Wittman jennifer landon. Brother said that sean lennon told the family in january that jennifer had run off with some friends possibly to arizona on march eighth three days after the remains were found in new mexico. The body of six year. Old michael deb. Kaczynski was discovered in his new jersey. Home after a welfare check. Sean lennon is accused of breaking in and beating him to death with a hammer at this time. Landon has been charged only with deb. Kaos killing his lawyer claims that his client was provoked and arizona. Woman has been arrested after allegedly shooting and killing her husband. According to phoenix police authorities say that fifty year old brandon smith called police around two. Am on sunday and stated that his wife fifty two year old. Diane smith had shot him and that she was still armed in the family's home police and fire crews arrived on the scene and diane smith was taken into custody brandon. Smith was rushed to a hospital in critical condition and was later pronounced dead. Authorities said the couple's fourteen year old daughter was in the home at the time but was uninjured. Police also found a dead dog with apparent gunshot wounds in the living room. The couple's daughter told police that the gunshots woke her up when she left her bedroom. She said she saw her father vying on the ground with apparent gunshot wounds. She said that her mother who was holding a rifle told her that she thought was an intruder. After police took diane smith into custody. She told them that two people tried to break into her home and kill her during her interview with. Police smith said that she had been married to the victim for thirteen years. She told investigators that she believed that her husband and his family were plotting to kill her. She reported being in the residents and hearing the victim and approximately fifteen people quote singing music lyrics and saying quote. They were going to shoot her and cut off her legs. Smith told police that she then took an assault rifle from the bedroom. All the lights were off. She said when four people rushed towards her and she fired the rifle. The couple's daughter said that she did not see anyone else in the residence but her mother with the rifle and her father bleeding on the floor. The victim's family reported that they had been fearful that diane smith would hurt him one day in the past they had attempted to have smith committed implying mental health issues. Diane smith

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