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Were of course each and every week. We endeavour to be just as long as the snyder cut. Will it happen again. We'll have to sit through and find out but of course for these. Next four hours are really just fifty minutes. I'm joined by brian. Tana i would do for our podcast with you boys. That's me to know why i would do i. It's the highest honor. You can give us. I appreciate it. We're also joined this week by mitchell saltzman and i hope this isn't breaking hearts but as much as i love you guys i would not do a four hour. I've got to do well. You know what this will. We'll just focus on different characters will introduce a bunch of new ones. That'll be alive closure a lot of open-mindedness. We can put you in the very end. You can be like a post credit stinger perfectly. That's exactly where i want to be the director's cut of six ninety-three we'll have the same plot but a very different way it gets there but we'll give you that episode in another hundred or two hundred episodes anyway. I though we do actually have quite a bit to talk about this week. as of course is usual for playstation. Most of the play station news broke after we recorded beyond last week. So we'll be doing a bit of catch up on things like some of the free games. You can be looking forward to playstation whether or not you have playstation plus The news of sony ego and a few other things but the story. I wanted to start off with this week. Is a report from the gamer This is not a singular human being that we referred to as the game or this is in fact outlet. The gamer has report out. That said sources close to them have let them know that apparently and allegedly the playstation stores the digital storefronts for the ps three the playstation vita and a ps will be closing later this year according to the report allegedly they'll be closing sometime in july and an announcement about this stuff. Oh be happening later. This month We of course reached out to sony as did the gamer and other outlets. And we haven't gotten come back yet as at the time. We're recording this. If there's been any updates obviously go check idea and we'll have any future reporting on this but i want to start off sort of looking at this decision. Obviously you know. We've been focused a lot on the ps four and the ps five recently. Because that's where all the games are coming out But there are a lot of people who still use. Ps threes or the older handhelds. Because those are not backward compatible on ps five as opposed to the xbox side where you know they have becker compatibility to some degree all the way back to the original xbox playstation right. Now just has. Ps four backward compatibility on ps five and. There was a lot of hope and anticipation. I think it's safe to say leading up to the ps hives launch. That there would be more than just the ps four but there wasn't Of course there are things like ps. Now that i wanna point point out where there are two. Nps three games in a limited amount of that library available. But this represents i think a pretty large and pretty beloved era of playstation games that potentially you will not be able to buy on your own again without looking toward resellers of physical copy copies. That may still be out there it. It puts the libraries of these consoles in particular insurance places. And of course we don't have confirmation but if you own any of these systems my best recommendation if you're worried about preserving your ability to play those games as go probably downloaded by right now before. It's too late but i wonder sort of opened up the floor and brian. I'll start with you just kind of get your thoughts of like does one does a move like the shock you and t. from playstation especially the playstation that we have right now and to what do you think they could do like how do you view positive and they could do to fix it if you see it as negative. Well i have to say about this. And i don't i i won't i will do my best not to hog the air on it but i will say first and foremost the sucks. It's not good. I don't like it. I don't like the fact that This basically reminds constantly that the all digital future that we're heading towards that. I've embraced in. Many ways is regularly a walled garden. And i don't think that's entirely fair. It's bizarre to me for this to trickle out after a year of people safely playing games at home. More than ever people downloading games more than ever this also. Sony didn't really launch their brand new council with a ton of of lineage and history to access a lot of their old games whereas like i feel like something that you can do more on steam. You can do more on on xbox and stuff like that this. This is more in line with what i see covering the nintendo side of things all the time. Which is they create these ecosystems. They sell a ton of games in them. They're mentally popular and then they shut them down. I won't say that like the is mentally popular. But it is interesting that all these would be hypothetically grouped in the exact same time because these are sort of distinct you know pillars of of sony's history here and as somebody who really believes in the preservation of video games and video game history. This sucks to like i. I think that that player should have an ability to access older titles. I think that this leads to piracy. I think leads to sort of leads to like about history for people not being able to access games that are important parts of the lineage to create the world of video games that we're in right now that said i understand why from a business perspective. They do this. I just wish that every time a company did this. They also said. Hey we're also you know. We're closing this window or opening the door and you can now access this via this this this but unfortunately i don't see that being the case because i think they know that they can sell you a bunch of stuff again instead and. That's kind of a bummer. Yeah as you said. Mr i want to get your thoughts on just a second as you said. I think it is worth at least mentioning. Not that we are in agreement necessarily. But i do think especially with the sony that we have seen these days. I a lot of we talked about it a lot leading up to the five you know. Microsoft's push for backward compatibility. I think in part probably incited them to have the. Ps four backward compatible on ps five to begin with and as imran khan from over at a fan bite had pointed out back in two thousand. Seventeen jim ryan while he was giving time granted. This is a few years ago. Basically said he didn't really see the the reason to care about older games.

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