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This time of year is not about season long redraft. This time of year. I feel like is about either. Best ball or dynasty one hundred percent right and it depends on on what you wanna play actually right now personally. My focus is on dynasty. Because i'm focusing on the incoming rookie class and free agency and all that not not that. That's not going to affect best ball I i said on his show multiple times. You can play best ball right now. Depending on on what sites are offering it. But i personally have had my most success. And what i'm trying to do is get the positive. Roi here ross. I'm not trying to lose money. That's not. I'm not in that game. Sometimes you do. Sometimes you have bad luck. Sometimes you make bad calls. But i had my best. Roi plus roi success and others disagree with me doing best ball after free agency and after the nfl draft. That's what i've had my best time doing it. But there are edges to be had right now especially if you think there is some incoming prospects who are being underrated by people. Maybe some guys who are currently on. Nfl rosters who are being underrated by people who might have a spot opening up to them because somebody is a free agent or somebody like quintez cephus of the detroit. Lions all three of their top three wide. Receivers are currently free agents sir or scheduled to be free agents. So this is the time of year when super sharp dynasty players if you're league or allow transactions can really get ahead of the game and because we know we we we have. The stock market analogy the market analogy. In in fantasy football. Things are going to change with free agency which is coming up here in two weeks. Things are going to change with the nfl draft which is now what six seven weeks away. They're going to change really quickly and there might be an opportunity right now. A speculative by if you will Not talking game. Stop or crypto or anything like that but you could have a speculative by right now on somebody who is going to look a heck of a lot better if he's team doesn't add somebody in free agency or add somebody in the nfl draft and this is where hardcore dynasty players. That you have convictions. Somebody who liked a year or two ago in the nfl draft hasn't necessarily gotten an opportunity. This is a time when you can maybe by on some of those flyers. While i'm buying on john bauer. He's an absolute stud and has been. He is one of the three co hosts of the dynasty theory fantasy football podcast. And we wanna do a dynasty one on one i wanted to bring in my dynasty guy. John bauer check him out by the way on social media at the bauer club b. a. u. e. r. Check out the dynasty theory. Podcast as well. They are actually an affiliate podcast of the ross tucker media network which basically means we help them spread the word a little bit and try to get some advertising on their shows which is very hard. It's there's a lot of podcasts out there. But they're podcast is awesome. My favorite dynasty podcast. That's out there. John you love it. Obviously you love dc so much. They you literally started a dynasty podcast. And you've grown. Over the last few years i must admit i i understand the concept but i am least familiar with dynasty the format. I'm more familiar with the f. s. and redraft and baseball. I'm sure there are other people like me. So when you're asked to describe dynasty fantasy football what answer do you typically give first of all. Ross joe thank you so much for having me the fact that i can talk football top football with you guys and sneak away from my day job for a little bit here.

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