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Call Center Christi King wt O peen in the battle to get everyone vaccinated continues in Prince George's County, too. But one problem is access in. The county executive says it's creating more difficulty than any fear of the shots. Prince George's County executive, Angela also, Brooke says there's plenty of pent up demand in her county for covert 19 vaccinations. The main issue right now, however. Is actually lack of access to vaccinations. It is not the hesitancy we still have nearly 118,000 people on our pre registration list. Also, Brooks notes that just 11% of the slots of the mass vaccination site at six Flags are going to county residents s. Oh, my request has been. I'd like to see 50% of the vaccine that is administered at a site in our county. Go to Prince George's County resident. Or, she said she'd like to see days set aside for county residents only Kate Ryan w T O P News in Prince William County Minority Communities are far behind when it comes to getting vaccines. W T. O P S Kyle Cooper breaks down the numbers even though Prince William is 41% white 54% of the shots in arms so far have been given to white people. Data presented to county supervisors this week shows that Latinos have received only 17% of the vaccine so far, blacks 13% supervisor Andrea Bailey. My community is always for gotten And it happened with the covert testing announced how happy happening with the administration. Of the vaccines. Health District leaders say they are working with influencers in the community as well as churches to better serve minority populations. So far, Prince William has vaccinated the smaller part of its population than most northern Virginia communities. Kyle Cooper W C. O P News Prince William County is getting a new vaccination site near Potomac Mills. It's the WalMart at the former Gander Mountain store. It'll have about 2400 shots

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