Boston Red Sox Use New Mercy Rule To Save Garrett Richards In First Inning Of Spring Training


Sox pitcher Garrett Richards, his first spring training start, was bailed out by the new mercy. See rule the new rule of mercy rule in spring training that has allowed this year, so he got only one out during his first start, loading the bases and walking in a run through 23 pitches in the first inning. You're allowed to now pull a picture this spring after he has thrown 20 pitches regardless of how many outs or runners on base. There are also it was bailed out. Then he went back out, of course and tossed a 123 2nd inning. But Go out there after the manager sees you through a lot, and it's kind of a probably nice feeling. Probably got a lot of guys probably wish that could happen during the regular season. You know it as well. George Wallace Wtlv Sports

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