New Insights on the Bruins' Disappointing Week

Bruins Beat


A great way for Bruins not a great week. I know they ended it on our early started next week Sunday. They started to walk on a good note, but not ending particularly. Well, there are a lot of problems. What was the biggest to you? Well, I mean, obviously the the one where you look at just the Optics of it right is the defense, right? I mean you give up 13 goals in two games. I think everyone get concerned about that and I think that's wrong. You see the right flag is you know, you're seeing way too many transition goals created chances in front of Rask and a lot, but the thing is is that that's always a concern. Oh shit. Like when you go that many goals. I'm sure not to spend learning but also, I mean I look at it right where I think we all are in agreement of the rooms and needs more depth on the blue. Looks like we've talked about at home last week. Like that's a guy they need right? So this isn't any surprise and when you missing three starters on your blue line, you know, including two guys in lausanne and Thursdays are good at kind of showing up that net front and girls like ew, you know as much as I think people are now the critics been hurt. I feel like there's like the The Narrative of like, oh they can they they can do well without them, you know, he's an injury-prone. Even though it's really only been kind of this year. We're didn't really really bad. But you know you miss Chris leak in his ability to get the puck out and you know, get the brake outgoing and hit those first passes cuz off these games have been stuck in their own Zone with for checking issues. So but you look at that defense, right you miss those three guys, you have back and iron in a top pairing roll and you know, yes potential. I mean we've seen multiple times we're out of something. He's big enough yet to handle some of these guys and he's been just kind of Knocked around by Chris Kreider which led to a goal. He got knocked around by Andrews Lee and pushed around which led to Chicago gets the island is so I mean you go to depleted decor and you know, you got drawn more playing like the minutes and he did not look very good. The last two games so wage. Obviously, you're shorthanded you hopefully you hope that a shorthand unit doesn't give up 13 goals, but still it's not expected. But you had to know that there was going to be some issues with your going to be giving birth. One more chance has given how the state of your Decor is. Now.

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