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Identified hundreds of suspects and open hundreds of investigations in all, but one of our 56 field office ranking member Chuck Grassley says Antifa is also a threat. Chairman Dick Durbin says that may be true. But revisited sh shouldn't be allowed to rewrite history. Civil rights leader Vernon Jordan has died. He was with the Urban League the end of the deep and the United Negro College Fund. He was also a business leader in a close confidante of former President Bill Clinton. He was 85 sanctions filed in the case of a Russian dissident. The Biden administration. Sanctions against Russia coming for the Trump administration declined to take action in the wake of the poisoning of opposition leader Alexei Navalny. Biden administration official says the U. S is catching up to the U and the U. K, both of which placed sanctions on Russia last fall. Today's U. S actions are announced in concert with the European Union, which voted Monday to implement the first sanctions under its new human rights sanctions program targeting for Russian officials for Navalny's imprisonment. Karen Travers. ABC NEWS Washington Many questioning whether New York governor Andrew Cuomo has a future after a third woman is now accusing him of sexual harassment. Some like Congresswoman Kathy Clean rice are calling for his resignation. Other Democrats, though, prefer to wait for the outcome of the state attorney general's investigation. There's real talk in Democratic circles now about whether they're holding themselves to a standard that Republicans are are not interested in. That's a B C's Aaron Carter Ski Mark has announced It's teaming up with Johnson and Johnson to help produce more covert vaccine doses. Listening to ABC News. Our top story billionaire businessman Warren Buffett admits he made a huge mistake and his largest business acquisition ever, and 11 Auntie Katie Exes.

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