Dr Carrick, Chevy Dealers Traffic Center And Arizona discussed on Arizona's Morning News


This morning, Dr Carrick Wrist with the State Health Department will join the mic broom had showed she'll have the latest on coronavirus in Arizona and vaccination efforts. You're never more than 15 minutes away from today's top stories on Arizona's news station K T a R news Now an update on traffic, and we are still digging out from a busy morning commute with the latest live from the Valley. Chevy dealers Traffic Center years detour, Dan. Thank you, Jeff, get some improvements. But yet there's still some business here cleared both freeway crashes, though that's the good news South, found 51 south of Thomas and North bound 70, New York Char both of those wrecks out of there, on the other hand, US 60. Although it's better, it's not recovered yet still a 21 minute ride? Westbound 60 from signal Beautiful the 10, but much better off now than you were some found 17. 16 minutes. Peoria to the 10. Split east. Found 11 21 minutes from 75th Avenue into Frank Lloyd Wright Boulevard. Still working a closure of Seventh Street, north and South bound from Broadway Toe. I 17 try Seventh Avenue or 16 Street and avoid Indian school eastbound power Pull down, blocking the right lane East found between Seventh Street and 12th Street and another wrecked further east of 20th straight. Try

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