A highlight from The Boyd House- Boyd, Minnesota (Interview with Owner Jill Shelley)


The paranormal for episode six. I have a special guest year with me. Who's going to chat with us. About the boyd house in boyd minnesota. My guest is none other than paranormal investigator. An owner of said house. Jill shelly joe. Welcome to the show and thank you so much for coming on. Oh how are you. Thanks for having me on. I'm doing great. How have you been doing pretty good. You try and stay. Were up in minnesota. So this money was at thirty. Below was the actual temperature is little chill that that is a little chilly. I know we've been going through a cold spell here in virginia where i'm located but i can imagine it's nothing to minnesota. It's a little brunel. I sometimes i think dr because actually walker than our state is. I can understand that. Oh boy or avoid alright. So jill. why don't you tell me a little about yourself I understand your panel investigator. You've got your own team and you've got this awesome house Yeah i've actually a bit. A paranormal investigator for over ten years Kinda got the bog and the passion for it whereas a a real small kit. I always row fascinated by the paranormal. And and all my cousins and i would use to sit and tell ghost stories in the dark and listen to the old records. The ghost stories and There was one room. Actually my grandmother's house that none of us really liked at all. it was always really cold. Always halley somebody. Who's staring at you like. You weren't welcome. We never liked to play in that room. And i'm one particular night i awoke and they could hear footsteps coming out of that room and my back was face to the door I was probably maybe between five and eight so at this point i'm like totally terrified and just didn't watch her own. Anyone look at it. I didn't want to know that you could feel like he was just staring right through you. And then it turned around. Walked away. And i wasn't my parents were in the room. Storied next door. My grandmother sleeps downstairs so it s in the morning. If you know anybody gotten up and my parents are like no no. He slept all night and mention what happened to my grandma and she was just like. Oh gosh honey. That's just a ghost and he's not gonna hurt ya and so at that moment i thought oh my gosh you know. My religious grandmother doesn't fear these ghosts. It's not a big deal. I really wanna know more about all you know. And so i just kinda studied and read with library and learned what we heard about and then With the advent of the television series coming out. Or as like my. Gosh you can really do this. For real kind of started investigating meta group of people and and farmed. Our team saint croix paranormal. There you go. Wow that's that's quite the story interesting. I mean we all get started somehow right right right. Yeah aso started. What is young and and You know the team started out. He met one of the guys at work. He we kinda connected with our connection with We both live the horror movies as we were talking about those and then he started talking about paranormal investigating and he don a little bit and i expressed interest in doing it. And that's we we kinda joined up and and stood started doing some local homes and businesses and Along the way of like my favorite stories. I met donna through Actually it was a certain. It was her sister-in-law. That i work at the same place that i worked at and said oh my god. You gotta meet my sister-in-law. She's extremely ended. This ghost thing and so we talked on the phone and then we met in a graveyard was very first might That donna and i met and we investigated the graveyard together and then on the rest was history relate best friends ever since and along the way we've had theresa join and stephanie and alex is our only guide bless his heart he has to put up with us women but yeah. They went big happy family. Now they're all. They're all like my brothers and sisters. That's that's terrific. How long have you guys been investigating together almost ten years. Now you know give or take on a on a couple of 'em by a mazda over kind of routes as we got started ten years ago mild. Let's great so have you guys on investigated all over the country or you're combined to one specific area while we started originally just doing a local homes and businesses in town and then we started branching out doing some well-known haunted locations. So actually i Place that we went to his ballista axe murder house. I was a very first official famous overnight investigation and then since then we just kinda traveled all over You know as far as ohio we've done prospect plays and gil house and we've done waverly hills to some of the bigger names. We've just can't travel all over. Just you know in search of the paranormal and and just to get some answers. Yeah of course. I mean that's what it's all about getting the getting those answers to those questions we We need to find some semblance of an explanation for and that's yeah that's why we do. I kinda started. Because i was more afraid to die and i just didn't like deaths to be you know like i couldn't handle buried six feet under and that's it lights out. I could deal with that and kind of through my research to me. I have proven that there is an afterlife. There is something on the other side salons now. Focus on what goes on on the other side like you know what what what can you tell me about. You know the other side like do meet people and i feel that you do from some of the research. I i've got for responses spirit boxes that there are that they do not meet new people that the your relatives do actually come to get you After as you're dying and That spirits can follow you. Home is a couple of things that i've learned on during my investigation right now. So i'm just Yeah every every time. I get a chance to try to figure out what's going on over there. Sure i know what you're talking about one hundred percent. I i do that myself during investigations you know rather than. Hey how are you know where you from. Where are you where were you born. You know. I want to know what's on the other side. You know what they see what they feel are you know. Are they mainly with dead celebrities. I mean i i. i'm curious. I i need answers to these questions that i've had for so long and me. I'm not going to stop until i get them another. Yeah and and that's kind of what i focus on. And then. I also focused on when i am doing investigations of no matter where we are. We try not to focus so much on the spirits death because you know that's always kind of a negative thing and nobody really wants to talk about that. So we find a focus on spirits life So we will get to learn about them hopefully will know you know some some places have a lot of history that she can go on kind of all things that they like what they did for living any kind of communication that way so at times we asked positive questions like what did you do for hobbies. What was your favorite thing to cook. You know just try to get to know them a little bit more versus focusing on the

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