Ron Johnson Makes Senate Read 600-Page COVID Relief Bill Aloud


Got to this morning's official debate on the coronavirus relief bill in the Senate Republican Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin, decided to make a show of his opposition to the bill by having the Senate clerks read out loud the entire 628 page thing. New York Times notes as a point of reference that the sixth Harry Potter book clocked in at 652 pages, and many of you know how thick that was, By the way, that was Harry Potter and the half Blood Prince. In case you were wondering Imagine reading the whole half blood Prince allowed without a break. The relief bill took 10 hours and 44 minutes at about the same length. Here's 44 seconds of what that was like. Section 27 oh five funding for grants for healthcare providers to promote mental health among their health Professional workforce section 27 06 funding for community based funding for local substance use. Disorder Services section 27 oh seven funding for community based funding for local behavior. Health needs section 27 away funding for the National child Traumatic Stress Network. Section 27 09 funding for Project Aware section 27 10 funding for you Suicide prevention section 27 11 funding for behavioral health, workforce, education and training. Section 27 12 funding for pediatric mental health care access section 27 13 funding for expansion grants for certified community behavioral health. on it went. The reading ended at just after two in the morning. Washington Time

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