New Star Trek Movie in the Works


A new star trek movie is in the works again again again. Yeah so we've heard several different versions now of star trek movies worse. Went from quinton tarantino was supposed to be an r. rated. That'd be some other ones where chris pine. Who's going to see chris hemsworth. Who was his dad. Go back in time a time drifting type deal and then you have this one now which is going to be written by fear the walking dead co executive producer kalinda vazquez who in. This article is commissioned by paramount paramount. Again paramedic riding an original star trek movie for paramount pictures. Along with of course j.j. abrams bad robot producing and so funny because bad robot is now all place. I mean. we talked about him on the monday. Show with the new superman story. That's in the works. Now we talk about possibly producing a new star trek movie. Of course we know his pass with the star trek movies. So i want to hear your thoughts. Do you actually believe that this will be the actual star trek film that hits the theaters. This is looking more promising than not at this

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