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Own ego signing the franchise tag is gonna make you more money. In the long run. You will make more money off the franchise tag because you're still going to get the big money deal the next year or the year after. And it's interesting for like Dak Prescott, For example, he ended up getting the five year deal that Dallas ended up wanting simultaneously. He got more money up front. I mean, I think I remember he was six years ago. Control. They got everything they wanted out of exactly right. But on the other side, he had to wait for Patrick Holmes deal to come in. Yes, way for John Watson and better And that's you saying the market on Lee goes up You is an NFL team. You are one of two entities. You are the people that set the market or you are the people that are reacting to it. That's it. There is no in between, and so you can either get out in front of it and pay a guy and it's gonna be a cheap deal in two years. It's gonna be expensive. Looking at the front end. You're gonna get a little laughter when you sign it. And then two years and then your best bet go well, you got a quarterback, that's 80% of the market. Or you're gonna be. You know the team that it's reacting to the market and get going over pay for stuff. That's what happens. You know, the faster you get the deal done, the better off. You are period point blank end of discussion. By the way. Marcus may also got tagged today. So is it. We're tying to justice that was expected, You know, Like I said, I can't go to the particulars. But I had a great conversation there Senior bowl with Eric Burkhardt, who's Marcus Mae's agent? We're talking about the situation and everything, And I think those two safeties are eyeballing each other as far as what the contract Sorry. It's gonna be a question. Which team blinks first, but this was kind of like If we go back several years, everyone Dez Bryant and Marius Thomas. Both got tags. They both ended up getting their contracts done, but they literally got done within the same day. Well, it was pulled. Teams were waiting on the other one, You know, to kind of see the framework and see if they were the same ballpark. This deal done. And finally Jerry was, like, just do it here, you know, And that's and then the Broncos like, okay, we'll offer you that. It is very same thing crazy, so it might come down to the same kind of deal And if the Jets can get Marcus made done, they think Justin's will get done first, and I think it will get done early. Okay, So I think Justin's deal we've got well before the draft. Okay. All right. I like that. They've got to well after that to get it done. So that's just my hunch. Um, based on what I know about both sides of the situation and and again, it kind of comes back to the whole procedural word that was used. That was the word that the Broncos used. That's the word that we've understood this entire time. You've been listening the program, we said From a procedural standpoint, the Broncos will likely use that franchise tag for the second time on Justine Simmons is not the intense and not give him a long term deal. People are misunderstanding this situation, and I even had questions today about okay. Well, if they would've pushed back the franchise tag, maybe the Broncos could've gotten something done. Or maybe the Broncos should have tried to do something like the Cowboys were. This whole deal came together in like 24 hours. The fact is, if you You with the way it's supposed to be viewed, which is what the Broncos are doing. This is a we don't want you going anywhere. We don't want to risk getting to the final 11th hour and all of a sudden there's a paperwork issue, and we can't do a bill. That's exactly right. We do not want to risk that. We're not gonna stub our toe. And so we're going to go ahead and get this thing done now and understand they on the other side. The expectation by all parties involved is to get something long term done. Yeah, um and how it should be used by the way the doctor getting it done in 24 hours. I hate that. I hate that term because it's It's not really They were close last year last they were. They were close last twosome framework there, But I'm saying that like it really escalated over the last 24 hours. To appoint, at least at some of the reporting this out there really escalated over the last 24 hours that they were able to get to the finish line right before the franchise tag deadline, right, so that that's that's the thing Dallas has been called. They were close, actually Latin. Not last year, the year before last, Scuse me. Before the first tag that September. They were close. Stephen Jones, They believed they had it. They believed they had it and they were. There were some issues with length and and how the final two years of the deal were structured and all that kind of stopping. It fell apart last night, but they they thought Dallas thought they had it done. S o. You know, I'll just I'll just leave that at that. And we can we go up but a sparse the Broncos go. I have no doubts that they'll get this deal done. I really don't have 99.999999999% Sure they get this thing done, Okay? And then as far as

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