Brazil’s Ex-President ‘Lula’ May Run for Office Again as Court Cases Are Tossed


Right president gyroball sonar. Oh is under growing pressure over his response to the pandemic. Now he's facing trouble of a different kind. Supreme Court judges rolled ball scenarios. Political nemesis can run against him in next year's election. Former leftist president Louis in a CEO Lula da Silva was banned from running. Louis and ASIO. Lula da Silva was banned. Louis and ASIO Lulu DeSilva was banned from running in 2018 because he was convicted of corruption. But this new rolling means the Selva, widely known as Lula could have a shot at getting his old job back. We're joined now by NPR's South America correspondent Philip Reeves. Well, what exactly did the judge rule? Well, I don't know whether you remember this. A couple of years ago, Long after leaving office, Lula was convicted of corruption budges. He wound up serving 18 months in jail. Hey, and his supporters always said these charges were politically motivated. Stop him running in the last election in 2018, which they did That's allowing both Salah Toto win yesterday, a Supreme Court judge. Another of those convictions, he decided the court in southern Brazil that bride Lula had no jurisdiction to do so. He ruled the cases should be tried over again by federal court in the capital, Brasilia. And that means that Lula gets his political rights back, at least for now, and therefore, really much to everyone's surprise. He qualifies to be a candidate in next year's president elect presidential elections and can challenge full sooner.

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