Kamala Harris breaks Senate tie to begin COVID-19 relief package debate


Radio Senate formally moving ahead with the debate on the sweeping stimulus bill, but it was a close one. Michael Morning required a tiebreaker vote yet to have the vice president Kamila Harris, come in, just to get this thing underway to begin the process of debate there in the Senate, so she had to come in breaking 50 50 tired events The bill now the Senate is engaged in what I'll call a marathon effort. To take up President Biden's $1.9 Trillion pandemic relief bill expected to go through the weekend pretty easily here, a zoo chamber is is hearing the debate by hearing debate. I mean, they haven't even gotten to the debate part yet. I mean that they have spent the last 12 hours because Senator Ron Johnson pushed for all 628 pages of the legislation to be read out loud. On the grounds that there should be transparency and what's in it. Now it's not. Every senator has the right on either side of the aisle to make that request and to have things read out. As far as legislation goes, it just doesn't happen very often. And when it does, it's looked at largely as a delay tactic again. In this case, 628 pages of legislation buys I understood it took about 12 hours. It started around 3 20 yesterday afternoon and listen, it wasn't like every member of the Senate was glued to their seats to take notes on how this was all going to go down. In fact, as soon as the reading began, you saw Kamila Harris had to call for an order in the Senate because people were just hopping walking around, leaving. That's just the way this is. It's It's meant to be a delay tactic. But what is clear here is that they finished up that reading portion. It is about to begin the 20 hour debate session Now, that was just a time killer to get to the 20 hour debate session here, Tony, which is going to take place and this is where lawmakers are gonna have 20 hours under the reconciliation rules. To make the argument for what they have seen or heard in this Billa's far as the debate goes, then you're going to have the amendment voting session called Vote a Rama that usually will be about the serious of issues within that piece of legislation, but it could include, um any sort of vote on a contentious subject just literally back to back to back to back votes. That will last probably into the wee hours of the morning. And then when that's done, you have the final vote on this piece of legislation. And if it is approved in the Senate that will get sent back to the house, where the House will have to approve it, And then it could be sent to President Biden's desk for his signature. Well, you know, as well as I do that in this becomes partisan. That all bills are this bill the highway bill or it's the Cove in 19 Bill, or it's the stimulus package recovered 19 bill, but it does have a lot of other things in there. That to me personally Forget Democrat Republican. It's just frustrating that you can't get clean bills straight out just to help the American people with all the things we're gonna be tight. And so I understand. You know Ron Johnson and I'm not a big fan, but I'd like to find out more than lieutenant, I, You know, I don't people understood how bills get passed until Nancy Plus said. We've got to pass the bill, see what's in it, And that was kind of oi opening for a lot of Americans because you know they don't. They don't know the procedures a lot of time, and I think that that's part of the key to this is first of all available online. The bill's piece of legislation itself is they're all senators had a hard copy of it. So the reading it out loud was just moved to this sort of the late actor here, but the end of the day you're right. And with that there have been a lot of changes made they Hold out this massive amount of money to Nancy Pelosi was looking to get for transit system in San Francisco. This bridge to be built between New York and Canada, has been pulled out of the bill. The minimum wage portion of $15 an hour has been pulled out of the bill and also for moderate Democrats who were concerned about this. There's a streamlining here of who's going to get stimulus payments. Now, anybody earning $75,000 or less will still get their $1400 payment. But now there's a phase out faster that goes between 75,000 and $80,000 a year. So if you made $80,000 a year or couples making $1,660,000 a year. You're no longer qualifying for any stimulus, and that will affect around 11.8

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