Ben and the Steelers' Short-Term Future, Chicago's QB Quandary, Top 200 Free Agents Preview | NFL Deep Dive - burst 08


Pouring out of respect. There are literally years of experience behind these bottles while turkey the same recipes. Nineteen forty two. You wanna true classic. This is what you want to order wild turkey while turkey. Distilling company lawrenceburg kentucky copyright twenty twenty. Campari american new york. You're never compromise drink responsibly. Let's let's take a quick look. Or i should say it's more a quick conversation of what's going to happen. This upcoming week The new league year starts on march seventeenth saint patrick's day. That's obviously going to be sort of the a week from now will be the opening a free agency whereas this week is going to be sort of the bloodbath if we could put it as Distasteful is possible the league right now with the shrinking salary cap these middle-class guys if you are not a superstar and you are not on a rookie contract so many of these middle class guys are about to get cut an end up out on the out on the open market where they're gonna have to settle for less than what they thought they were going to be making in twenty twenty one here and look with these guys. It is. it's expected. It happens every year guys who end up on contracts look bad a year after they sign it get. Let go or might be. But it's going to be the extreme this year and it's sort of the continuing just aggressive shrinking of the middle class in the nfl. I know it's going to be. It's going to be weird. I think it's gonna alter you know all this work. Did you put in on this top. Two hundred frigidness. Gary that we're going to talk about here in a minute. It's just going to be completely scrambled when when we get into the situation where You know all these guys start flying on the market. Like what about a jalen smith being out there and available all of a sudden or something like that certainly changes the calculus on a lot of people are zach. Ertz market that he's healthy side. No i think it's gonna be really interesting and you know the. Nfl is at the end of the day. No different than any monolith corporation that any of our lovely listeners listened to you. We're going to use this as an excuse to cut guys

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