Asylum Seekers Are Allowed Into U.S. For Their Day In Immigration Court


Now, the odds for asylum seekers are long. But the courts are so slow that he may live in the United States for years awaiting his court date. So the Biden administration's new policy just changed. Manfredo is life. The story is different for other people behind him, including some people in the camp. He just left. NPR's John Burnett was at that camp this week and is on the line. John what you find Steve Well, the most infamous refugee camp on the US Mexico border is almost empty. A month ago, it was teeming with more than 600 migrants. And today there are only a few dozen people left. Now it's looking like a deserted shanty town. With all these colorful camping tents flapping in the Gulf breeze and no one's inside them. City workers are hauling out great piles of garbage and personal belongings. U. S immigration agents began processing the folks there first, in part because so much international intention was focused on this wretched camp with its snakes, mosquitoes and mud. Ah, so that explains why Manfredo was so quickly able to cross the border. But who are the people who have not been able to cross? Well, they're mostly Central American migrants have already lost their asylum cases. One of them is Donny Lopez Rossa, a 28 year old Honduran. Had been to the can't many times over the past two years, and I'd met with him before, and boy did he have a rough time? The first time I met him, he was lying in his tent recovering from a vicious mugging. His face was a swollen mass of bruises. Gangsters had tried to extort him. Barasa is still there because the U. S immigration judge didn't believe his story that he fled Honduras to escape the thugs there. And the corrupt police in his country. And then now he's lost his appeal so that ASA says the mood there is bittersweet. He says there's sadness because he and others were left behind. But there's happiness because so many have been able to leave and finally get into the US. Why is he remaining in that awful camp, though? Well process says he believes God will still deliver him across the border. If the Biden administration will have mercy on people like him who suffered in that camp for so long, and the camp has been there for nearly two years, and you know, close relationships have been forged in adversity. Some people fell in love, including PAGASA. Come in, come in, he says. I was with my girlfriend for more than a year. She and her daughter crossed the border last Friday. She didn't want to go without me. She cried and cried and cried, but I had to convince her that she had to

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