Wet Notes - 3-14-21


This is wet notes on scuba shack radio for sunday march fourteenth. Two thousand and twenty one starting off today. I want to give everyone an update on dive magazine. When the pandemic eight last year it caused the magazine to suspend publication and there was a disclaimer out on our website about the magazine. Being on hiatus well. I really liked this magazine. So i went out and check their website and i did not see this disclaimer anymore. So i reached out to the editor. Catherine castle garcia to check on the status. Catherine got back to me and she indicated that they are still in a holding pattern and are aiming to start publication again in the third or fourth quarter this year in the interim catherine and her husband are working on growing their business deeply designs and they are working on a feature length wildlife film. Let's dive training magazine. Hits discreet again. This year i really enjoy that publication. Now for those of us who love going to and diving into caymans. There's hope there. It sounds like they're making good progress down in the caymans on vaccinating population and according to the premier alden mcglaughlin if the cove nineteen vaccine vaccination rates. Keep up at the space. They are thinking that they'll be able to open the borders again in either late april or early may and with the penetration of the vaccine. There won't be any need to quarantine when you're entering the islands now. This is certainly something to look forward to. You don't have to twist my arm to head down. The sunset house where little cayman beach resort in the fight against plastic pollution. Back in february the ocean cleanup which is a nonprofit that was established in two thousand thirteen with the mission of developing technologies. That will rid the world ocean of plastics signed a memorandum of understanding with thailand and that memorandum of understanding was to deploy interceptors in. Thailand's rivers now. Rivers provide the highways for plastics to enter the ocean and intercepting plastics in the river. Before it gets to the ocean is just common sense. But a complex solution the ocean cleanup interceptor program is pretty cool. And they want to expand deployments to the thousand most polluting rivers around the world. Well that's certainly some good news coming out of thailand and hopefully the rest of the world you can check them out on the ocean. Cleanup dot com last week on. Noah's ocean podcast. The show featured another noah program ocean today on this episode. Kurt man discussed what ocean today is all about. Essentially is a series of short videos. That take complex science and present them in understandable one to three minute videos they cover deep sea exploration climate change marine life and more. These videos are thoroughly vetted with scientists to ensure that they get the science right. The videos are also being placed in kiosks at the smithsonian as well as thirty four other locations. I checked out five part series on shipwrecks. Pretty cool check out ocean today. Dot noah dot gov for more while the first quarter edition of alert diver magazine from divers alert network arrived last week. And it's an incredible one hundred pages of information the feature. This quarter include sure diving in monterey bay an article on diving in la paz mexico and an article on the power of american marine sanctuaries in addition to the feature articles. You'll find all the standard stuff. Most of that is in short concise articles. The research education and medicine section is really fantastic. I love going through that. Wanted to short articles also discussed turning tank valves on all the way versus a quarter. Turn back there's so much more to absorb in this publication also. I noted in in the letters to the editor. One of our divers submitted. A letter sent to them about doing pre dive. Safety checks so alert. Diver magazine is a great benefit to your dan membership and finally. I came across an article a couple of days ago titled this net flicks. Original will make you think twice before ordering the fisher today and it was a short article about the new. Netflix documentary called c. Spiracy and that would premiere on march twenty fourth this year. The film will present the urgency of protecting the world's oceans primarily focused on the dire implications of commercial fishing. This documentary was directed by ali to breezy and assistant director. Lucy to breezy. You can go to netflix and search on c. spiracy and watch the trailer in the article. They state that twenty. Four thousand fishery workers die each year while on the job. That's a lot. I just didn't realize how dangerous the fishing industry was now. One of the quotes from the spiracy. Instagram page says this film will radically transform the way we think and act on ocean conservancy conservation forever so mark your calendars and be sure to catch see spiracy on net flicks available march twenty fourth. Well that's it for wet notes for march fourteenth two thousand and twenty one here on scuba shock radio

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