Texas Medical Board clears Houston doctor accused of stealing COVID vaccine


The state medical board is clear. A local doctor of wrongdoing for allegedly misusing doses of the covid vaccine but news. Eighty eight seven schneider's sensor could still be criminal charges. The texas medical board role to dr hassan. Gokul did not violate the medical practice. Act when he administered doses of the vaccine to friends and family to avoid them going to waste gokul worked for harris county public health and says clinic doses were leftover at the end of the day and would have been discarded. A judge drought a charge of theft against gokul but the harris county district attorney's offices still seeking an indictment from a grand jury. Paul doyle has goals attorney. Da's office filed this case abruptly without investigating it and are now in an effort to try and save face for disparaging a doctor's name in a statement the da's office told houston public media quote. We anticipate presenting all of the evidence in this matter to a grand jury so representatives of the community can determine whether a criminal charges appropriate.

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