Washington, DC Mayor Bowser reflects on year of COVID-19 — and looks to the future


Been a little more than a year now, since the first recorded cases of coronavirus in the area wt. Opie's Meghan Clarity speaks with DC's mayor, Muriel Bowser, about restrictions still in place as we continue our coverage of covert 19 1 year later, a year after covert hit the region, D C. Mayor Muriel Bowser is doing what she calls him light lifting of restrictions. But when it comes to sports, one group is being treated differently. They are being singled out because we want to keep them safe. High school coaches and athletes have complained about adult rec leagues and Even the gnats playing while they cannot, But for now, teens are only allowed to practice and condition together because what we saw in the high school sports and the behavior in and around high school sports were dangerous for kids and families. The mayor believes that students support as a whole is stronger than before the pandemic. Having our whole system switched to a virtual environment for so many months, we've learned a lot about Learning and teaching and training and what families need. See my full interview with the mayor and get more detail on the restrictions in place that w t o p dot com

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