Voting Firms Turn To Defamation Lawsuits To Counter False Claims


And another election Cos. Smartmatic have also filed defamation lawsuits against Trump allies and pro trump media companies with more likely to come. Bill Adair runs the journalism program of Duke University and founded the fact checking website politic Fact, I think this is a completely new Way of tackling misinformation as a journalist. I am I'm a little bit nervous. The idea of using defamation lawsuits makes us a little bit concerned. In particular, he's worried defamation suits could become a weapon against journalists just doing their jobs. But in the current moment, he's come to believe they have a role to play. We need to incentivize truth and we need to de incentivize. Lying money is what matters to AH Media company. Defamation lawsuit is a big way to do that. The suits appear to be having an effect. An anchor for Newsmax walked out on a live interview with the My Pillow CEO when he started making false claims about Dominion voting machines. Can we get out of here, please? But defamation lawsuits are difficult to win. You need to show the person knew or should have known a statement was false when they made it. George Freeman spent three decades defending people against defamation lawsuits as the in house counsel for the New York Times, He says media organizations have a First Amendment right to report on what important people say, even if it may be untrue. But he says the pro trump outlets like Newsmax and away in May have crossed a legal line by amplifying and appearing to endorse obvious falsehoods. They haven't stepped back, although I don't now. Your signs that they're starting to because they're worried about liability, and I think that's a good thing. Still, Freeman thinks the strongest defamation case is against Trump's lawyer, Rudy Giuliani. He made certain accusations on TV. But then he didn't make those in court because I think he knew you would be subject to discipline and perjury if you made them an official documents, so that would seem to be pretty good evidence that he knew they were false. Yet there are reasons why defamation cases aren't filed more often. Many conspiracy theories don't target a specific person or company and the cases can take years to go through the courts, so it's likely when the next presidential election begins. These lawsuits about the 2020 election will still be grinding along.

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