Be sure you never miss a story subscribed to the selected shorts podcast. And when you do, you'll get episodes of the spinoff podcast selected shorts too hot for radio. All you need do is search for both shows on iTunes and hit subscribe. We have one final piece on today's show celebrating James Baldwin, and it's taken from his work about family, religion and adolescence. Go tell it on the mountain. Though this is a novel Go tell it on the mountain presents the inner monologues of the churchgoing Grimes family as a kaleidoscopic Syria's of short stories. In the section we're about to hear Baldwin considers the false promises of the great migration entering the mind of the Grimes family matriarch. The reader is the always sublime Charlene would, er He had always seemed to Florence, the oldest woman in the world. Where she often spoke of Florence and Gabriel as the Children of her old age. And she'd been born innumerable years ago. During slavery on a plantation in another state. On this plantation. She had grown up one of the field workers for she was very tall and strong and buying by she had married and raised Children. All of whom had been taken from her. One by sickness

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