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The president of tunisia in libya to push forward with a fragile democracy israel prepares for its fourth round of elections. Iran slams. The uk as hypocritical. And a boy finds a hidden message from twenty five years ago. This is the world at large. We are politics one thousand and one. Thank you for tuning into this episode of the world at large. This show is free for everyone into keep it that way. Consider supporting us through the lincoln. Our description you can support us by leaving a review subscribing and sharing with a friend as well now without further ado please enjoy this episode of our podcast. Hello everybody welcome to another episode of the world at large in. I'm so excited to be back here on this wonderful win. Say to talk about libya tunisia. Oh aren't we all. I mean after last week with ease ramble about que- ramble total ramp. I could appreciate some stability. That i back me. The best person most important person in the world is back Report your thank you. He knew. I need you to fuel my fragile ego all right well. Let's talk about living in tunisia. Because is there is a lot going on there. We have covered libyan civil war while ed while events have transpired since then. So i look. What's happening so tunisian president kai qaida has ended in the western part of the libyan capital tripoli on a state visit to the neighboring countries. It yet. I think oh a state visit. It's really long through a long plane ride. But it's recently like a few hours in tunis in tripoli. It's like flag from boston. New york no get that reference know. How many of you listening well. But that's like that. It's not that long with So he's going there in order to nor to push for his agenda but he was met. This being cited he was met by muhammad. All mafia was the president of the libyan pro libyan for presidential council. And mafi welcomes the arrival of saieed in tripoli with the like with all this glamorous stuff like guards there. You know the whole ceremonial facade. And so a scientifically the greeting ikea. When i return home from a long vacation for my family the armed guards the armed guards carpet. So i don't have to get my feet dirty the whole shebang. I'll use usually do a salute tons of cameras. Yes yeah well. I guess he and can relate to this. Yes it might be hard for you guys. The honest important is unionized societies. In tripoli with the intention of showing his government support for the new interim government under under abdelhamid tobia and that is divide is the new prime minister of the new prime minister of libya and he replaced by is also rod. Which we've talked about many times in the past who used to be the president of libya government which was recognized by the united nations but now rosh has gone. He said are. There's a civil war. I'm like winning. But you said if i actually win. They're going to attack me So i can't do that but i also want to loose so maybe we should try something else. I'm clearly what i'm trying to do. Is a stalemate your so also stepped up. He gave the power over to buy it. Said razor yours man you rate. We'll be afford the way which i couldn't and so so we got that. We got interim government in libya under july and now and now it's kind of just there and the goal of this government is to maintain some degree of stability and hope for the country until december twenty four th and that is when elections are scheduled to be held. This is a very difficult task. Maybe less than a year until elections have to be held but libya is very unstable like unseal. There is a lot of problems that are going on in the country and via knows. This site knows this. So that's why president tunisia is. They are because he's trying to trying to be like i got your back. We got an issue pushed us democracy forward. I know tunis stable flourishing country. And i know you want that for yourself Nothing to do with the economy. It has to do because i care about democracy and so that's what sites do it orbits by knows the interim prime minister knows there's a lot of problems in libya be most. The biggest problem is the thousands of thousands of foreign soldiers in the country they're displaced all throughout libya. Libya is pretty deserty country. Most people live loan the coast. So you don't know where they are far to locate them in fact with route. Twenty thousand soldiers in libya that are not libyan soldiers. Two soldiers know where they are or they don't know where i am. I don't know. I mean maybe. They came from link tunis. Algeria ono's southern part of the country. It's all desert merely crossed the border. At some point somebody needs to get google apps on their phone golic working because his boat service down there thunder.

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