At least 8 killed in shootings at 3 Atlanta-area spas, suspect in custody


At Asian spas and Atlanta, Georgia, leaving eight people dead. Police are saying the potential of a hate crime investigation is real, the latest this morning in a special report from ABC News Asians apparently targeted in a serious of shootings at a massage parlor and two spas in the Atlanta area. That left eight people dead. Six of them Asian women supervisors to get with the beat officers there. Any agent Spaz? I think we have a couple of Northside Drive. We need to get out of second quickly. Atlanta police Communications captured my broadcast. If I Andrew Weiss lives near one of the murder scenes, someone out of their mind and Obviously not in a right state of mind and definitely no heart. I mean, I don't know how you got in there. What kind of motive would drive you to do? Such a thing? Three hours away in southern Georgia's crisp county 21 year old Robert Aaron Long was taken into custody. The nation has

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