Governor Andrew Cuomo, Claudia Tenney And President Biden discussed on Happy Handyman


A rally in New York City today calling for the impeachment of Governor Andrew Cuomo. He's accused of covering up covert 19 nursing home deaths and is also under investigation after sexual harassment allegations from eight women. But New York Congresswoman Claudia Tenney fears investigations will go nowhere. I know how much Power, the governor wheels and how intimidated he is. He's threatened to send out information from the joint Committee on Public Ethics. That's a committee where I don't know how the governor has any access to this ethics committee. Shouldn't that in itself could be another cause for investigation. Governor Cuomo denies the accusations and has refused to resign. Some GOP lawmakers they're calling for hearings on the bite administration's treatment of migrant Children at the southern border. Tennessee Republican Senator Marshall Black Earned believes President Biden deserves most of the blame for the situation. He said he expected about two million people to come, but to not make the preparation to not give the tools so that the border can be protected, and American citizens can be protected. This is outrageous holding facility of Midland, Texas, is reporting that multiple migrants have tested positive for covert 19. And that the facility has no drinking water. There's been some confusion over President Biden's proposed tax plan. He talked about this heavily on the campaign trail, the president said. Those times that those making less than $400,000 a year will not see an increased, White House press secretary Jen Psaki said about $400,000 for families that brought up the question. What about individuals? White House spokesperson said on Friday. The $400,000 limit is per household functions. David spent. America is listening of Fox News. No W O AI local news in the Permian Basin state environment

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