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Good for you, Heavy 2021. It's no longer Dumpster fire. Kind of sort of. We're getting out of the Dumpster food will still a couple flames. Some members coming from the dumpster over getting away from the Dumpster fire a little bit. Here is sweet Thai chili. I'm telling you right now. This Amazon deal for Thursday night Football is just a giant waste of money because not only is Thursday night football, the least watched out of the week billion, But they tried to do this with the NFL network over the last five years where they said, Well, the game's air on Lee going to be on NFL network. Well, everybody doesn't get NFL network. So after a while, they just started going. All right. It's on NFL network. But we're simulcasting it on CBS with NFL Network broadcast, and now it's basically just Yeah, the game's on CBS, but all the logo's From NFL network. So that's probably what will end up happening with Amazon is at the end of the day. They just get branding. So I mean a billion dollars for branding. Maybe not. Happy Friday. Thank you. Sweet, tied, shatters Happy weekend to you to what he's talking about. Is this deal we mentioned where Amazon is Panel billion dollars a year to have Thursday night football. The new thing is that it's exclusive because they already were doing a lot of the Thursday night games on either Twitter Live or Amazon Prime. So they were already available online. And it was because, like the guy mentioned Thursday night Football is one of the lesser watched games. Yeah, but you know, for some reason, Twitters Seems weird to me thought so, too, to watch a football game, a whole football game on Twitter. It's he's got things to do people to see hoops to make, and that's a real hard one to get up on, like a bar television, right, so they're gonna have to figure out to get this for all these places of broadcast NFL games. When we come back, we're to get two more of you. Search for the news junkie and the APP store Now to send your dispatch into the show. You're listening to the news Junkie Weekend edition. News, traffic and weather. Tampa Bay's news radio W F L, A State of emergency declared in Miami Beach due to massive spring break crowds, Mayor Dan Gelber says an AP and curfew is in place for South Beach threw him from 12 to many people are coming here right now. And too many people are coming here with that intentions at the end of the day. All the policing in the world isn't going to stop something terrible from happening if it's gonna happen, the mayor's called an emergency meeting of the City Commission for three P.m. more than 5000 Cove. In 19 cases reported in state yesterday, which pushes Florida past two million total and FEMA operated Cove in 19 vaccination sites around the state are shifting to offer dose number two exclusively. The move expected to start this week, Nearly five million Floridians have been vaccinated, according to the Department of Health. And starting Monday, Floridians Age 50 and older will be eligible to be Vaccinated with Florida's news on Will Althoff W F L A News is brought to you by the Holland Group Retirement Wealth Advisors from the normal traffic center traffic still looking good on the Tampa area highways as we get further into the

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