Eventually you're going to pass through this.


Faults family and they're they're all the people that stone Was a positive in their life, and we just want to send so much comfort to stone folds his parents As they do the unthinkable. Sending out his organs. Um Back to what I wanted to talk about. Let's just hit some of the news. So I try to take the Columbus Dispatch and maybe bring out a couple things. You have to read it. But did you see Bexley is the first Franklin County School District mandate double masking that was in the paper this morning. We need This is the only word for it. More shootings Last night, yesterday's newspaper I read. We were 37 Today's homicide. 37, this morning's newspaper. We are at homicide 39. We're on pace for an all time record in homicide. Sure, so was last year. Yeah, there's a shooting at Eastern last night near, Morris wrote.

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