Migrants in “remain in Mexico” program will soon be allowed to enter the United States, federal agency says


As a Biden administration faces questions about the influx of migrants at the US Mexico border asylum seekers previously forced to wait in Mexico while their cases will be considered by immigration courts. Will soon be able to enter the U. S. Who two more points in Texas from Texas Public radio Maria Mendez reports a Biden administration is moving to dismantle a Trump administration policy that had blocked access to asylum seekers. In the coming week. The Biden administration will begin re processing asylum seekers at the available and let it reports in Texas. During the Trump administration. Migrants were forced to remain in Mexico while the immigration court considered their cases that left many living in squalid conditions and vulnerable to danger. Sister Rosemary Welch is with mercy ministries, the cartels Really taking advantage of the people, and that's why I'm so glad that people are beginning to come across because really, they should have been able to come across several years old sister well, she says she expects to see up to 500 asylum seekers in

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