A highlight from Encore - Rick Doblin - How Legal Psychedelics Work to Deepen our Self Awareness



Therapeutically and what they can teach us about the mind and how it works. So welcome wrec. Yes thank you for having me. I'll just say that you were a bit over-generous in saying i'm responsible for all the psychedelic. That research happening is responsible for a portion of it. You've been an advocate in the space for a long time. That's for sure. Yes very sure since. What nineteen eighty-four that's when masses formed around them matches and eighty six. But i started a nonprofit in eighty four before maps. That was the psychedelic. Therapy community together to defend. Mda once the da moved to criminalize which they did in eighty four but it was really in seventy two. When i was eighteen years old that i decided to devote my life to become a therapist

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