Can A Son Lead His Mothers Business When She Sells Exclusively to Women?


We have forty one thousand investors out there that are selling beauty. They're selling wellness and they're also selling relationship ads for products so this business actually was started in nineteen three the base in our house. I was still in high school at the time. My mom founded the company and was out there because she solar niche. This whole need about people losing connection divorce rates creep in a sixty percent nobis out there communicating. Few new people needed more information on their bodies how to keep the relationship you know fresh and fun and so we have forty one thousand pastors that are during that exact same thing across the globe that are going out there in basically being like the petrous for some us in a relationship love life how to keep creativity coming back in to your relationship so i i was. I was fortunate that that my mom asked me to come into the business in two thousand Businesses doing about a billion dollars right. It was great. We had about three hundred and fifty people. I remember my mom sitting there going okay. So you know. I'm bringing you back in to come on lurking in atlanta georgia right. I'm having a great time and worked publicly traded company. There and i remember you were to come back now. I thought when. I come back and i started selling release student hansard products. This is in two thousand this list as being true today. I'm never going to get a job eating chris. What was your last job grades is. We have no no no. I'm saying people gonna ask you. Chris what was your last job. I mean this is the funniest part is that i didn't know it was going to work out the way it did when i came in patty stuck to doing product and product development and training a mindless strategy. Growth vision. Where we going. And either we really set back and dividing the concord in taking the company every asked what is the secret and the secret was we literally moment. I got in hugh hall and went from city to city to city in in looking for people that want to own and operate their business. You know they use the word side-hustle. Today i love the fact we've been new inside. House aligns their nineteen

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