Ransomware Gang Reportedly Drops Encryption


The babic ransomware gang says it's dropping the encryption of data of victims as a tactic instead will focus strictly on data theft and blackmail to enrich itself until now the gang did both stealing data from victim organizations and then encrypting the data on the corporate servers. The threat to the victim was pay for the decryption keys. Or the copy data will be released embarrassing. You and your customers. If the company didn't have a good data backup it faced to threats embarrassment and loss of business and the loss of data this double extortion. Tactic started being adopted by ransomware groups about two years ago but creating and maintaining encryption isn't easy some cyber security companies have cracked the encryption of a few gangs and are giving away the decryption keys to any victims m saw off is one of the companies that crack the babba code now. Barbeque has apparently decided that is easier and perhaps just as lucrative to only steal data and hold it for ransom a researcher adam soft doubts that other ransomware groups will follow this strategy by the way last week the babak gang gone into the computer systems of the washington dc police department and stole data. It is still threatening to release the names of police informants unless it is paid in an interview with the new site in poland babba claim. The police departments virtual private network was hacked. With a zero day vulnerability that is vulnerability that hasn't been disclosed. That claim hasn't been confirmed.

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