Inside America's Epidemic of Gun Violence

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Today we look at america's gun debate after nearly twenty thousand people were killed in shootings in twenty twenty five huge increase compared to the before. How away you of violence as a child. I was always aware honestly. I remember being in elementary school. Maybe seven or eight. Maybe even younger and my family decided to get double pane windows because a bullet flew through. My goodness flew through the window. Yeah yeah what almost got into the house. It just punctured and made a big crack throughout the window. It was just the thing you know we would even if we saw car making a u-turn down our street to go back the other way we would play a game and we'd call it literally drive by jump behind cars and pretend like oh it's a drive by like but you're outside playing after that got a bit more serious because then you actually start to see friends and peers affected by gun violence. It was something i always knew was a thing. I always knew that people who looked like me and my friends got shot. Up and clayton is a reporter on the guardians guns and lies in america project since her childhood in richmond california. She's been acutely aware of the impact of gun violence communities not the high profile mass shootings. That make it onto news bulletins across the world but everyday incidents but ready made national news and yet according to albany. It is these shootings. That are driving. America's gun violence crisis

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